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iPad2 Smart Cover Partner

iPad2 Smart Cover Partner
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Price: $9.99
Card Package: Includes a T-Flash USB Reader (free)
Availability: In Stock
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color: white
  • Presumably you’ve got the magical Smart Cover, which's been developed for iPad2 exclusive use.
  • Isn’t it a great idea for you to get this amazing partner as you’ve got the magical smart cover, protecting your iPad2 against all nasty scratches and fingerprints.
  • Every coin has two sides as we've known. Smart Cover is no exception.
  • It's fair to say that the Cover is perfect except for the limited front protection, no back guardian at all, which means the back of your iPad2 is likely to suffer from all kinds of damages.
  • The best solution to the trouble is the iPad2 Smart Cover Partner made from PC material with superb toughness, which offers all-round protection for iPad2 together with Smart Cover
  • Plus, a variety of colors are available.

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