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DSi Top Screen

DSi Top Screen
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Price: $30.95
Card Package: Includes a T-Flash USB Reader (free)
Availability: In Stock
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These are a brand new Nintendo DSi top screen replacement, it seems the top screens on the DSi consoles are the most susceptible to being broken and so we have these brand new replacements for sale, if you are an end user that would prefer to fix their own console, or if you are a store front that offers repair services, these brand new DSi top screen replacements are perfect solution and top quality with our 6-month replacement warranty. Note the screws on DSi console are the special Tri-Wing kind, so you will need a Tr-Wing screwdriver to open the console to replace the screen, also note that soldering is required for the install of these screens, the speaker wires for the consoles two speakers are soldered onto the four pads on the screens ribbon cable, so really if you are an end user that wants to replace the top screen you should also have a soldering iron and know how to use it before you order this replacement DSi top screen, while the soldering required is not super small, it still requires some idea how to solder to perform the repair and install. If you are after a high quality brand new replacement Nintendo DSi top screen, this stock will be for you.

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