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DSi Bottom Screen

DSi Bottom Screen
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Price: $26.95
Card Package: Includes a T-Flash USB Reader (free)
Availability: In Stock
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These are a brand new Nintendo DSi bottom screen replacement, unlike the top screen there is no soldering required for the installation of these screens, so they can be replaced by the end user if care is taken while doing the job, the DSi is a fiddly console to take apart, so you would need to set aside a little time to make sure you do the job right, a tri-wing screwdriver is also required to take the console apart, there are some disassembly videos floating around on YouTube and some other video websites, so you can find decent guides to show you how to take these little consoles apart. While the DSi bottom screen are less likely to break because they have the touch screen over the top to protect them somewhat, they can and do break if enough force was applied, if you are a repair shop looking for a reliable supply of brand new DSi bottom screen with a 6-month warranty, these will be a great option. Buy brand new DSi bottom screen replacements here today.

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